Month: September 2013

And so the journey starts…

I’ve always dreamed of writing a book but that was all it ever really was, just a dream.  

When my good friend, Action Jackson, sent me a copy of his first book in which he’d told the world about the ‘butt kick’ I’d given him about his own book, I realised that I needed to take action myself and start putting pen to paper.

“Your dreams come true when you act to turn them into realities.”  Anonymous

It felt like instantly I knew what I had to write about and who my audience was.  Through my job helping to deliver Hull’s Building Schools for the Future programme I’ve done a lot of work with students around developing employability skills and I knew that was what I needed to write about.  Importantly though, just committing to writing a book wasn’t enough for me.  I needed to make sure I followed through on turning my dreams into reality and commit to the exact date I’ll be launching my book which is during National Careers Week in March 2014.

After about two months of writing on an evening, I’ve almost completed draft number six (ish) of my book which is aimed at students aged 14-18 and looks at each of the seven key employability skills along with CV writing guidance and interview tips.

Now the real journey and hard work begins…

I’ve got an illustrator lined up ready to work with me as soon as the text is completed and I’m possibly a little over excited to have a call lined up with my chosen publisher tomorrow.  I’ve also got the business side of things to set up which you just don’t appreciate when you set out writing a book.  It’s a bit of a scary and daunting process if I’m honest!

Having kept my manuscript closely guarded until this point, I’ve very nervously handed a draft over to my boss, friend and mentor Sam earlier today.  Sam’s a fellow champion of employability and I know the feedback I get from him will be honest.

I feel like I’ve reached a real turning point today which is why I’ve decided it’s time to start my blog and share my journey with you.  Who knows where it will take me.  I’m not dreaming of having the next best seller but if my book helps just a handful of students reach their employability potential then I’ll consider it a success.

So watch this space, I’ll keep you informed on how I’m getting on!