Ups and downs

Why is it you can have the most positive of weeks and then self-doubt hits you from nowhere?

Through the day job I’ve been able to work with a number of students this week including going out to a local school to carry out mock interviews with some of their year 10 students. This gave me the perfect opportunity to use some of the advice in my book and it was great to see their confidence boosted when they realised that they had things to add to their CVs that they simply hadn’t appreciated. Carrying out mock interviews with students is one of my favourite ways to work with students and help them prepare for the world of work that awaits them.

I’ve also been working with a student who has been with us on work experience this week. Being amongst my target auduence I’ve entrusted her with a draft manuscript to get her views. I’ve made her promise to give her honest feedback, not just what she thinks I want to hear. She’s being very secretive so far but what little feedback she is giving away is sounding positive.

I’ve also met with a very good friend who has given some invaluable advice on the business side of things but then at 1am this morning the doubts crept in.

What if no-one buys my book?

What if schools don’t like it because its not an academic piece precisely linked into the curriculum but gives a business perspective?

After a good hour or so fretting I realised that this must be something every author goes through. Every author must wonder if their book is pitched right for their audience or if the route they’ve chosen for publishing is the right one. I also had to remember why I’m doing this. This book is for me, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The subject is also something I’m very passionate about and as I’ve said before, if it helps just a handful of students understand the skills required for work then I will consider it a success.

I’m sure there’ll be many more times when the fear and self-doubt kicks in but I certainly won’t be letting those feelings hang around for long!

One comment

  1. Asking questions of yourself is the most positive aspect you can do even if its basis is from self doubt. It means you are thinking critically which will lead to a better finished article. Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions.

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