Month: March 2015

NCW2015 and a year of ‘Employability What?’

The amazing celebration of all things careers, National Careers Week 2015, is upon us!  NCW2015 provides a great focus for businesses, education providers and young people to explore careers through workshops, experiences and more.  Events are taking place up and down the country and that’s great to see – I’ll be playing my part in that too.

For me, NCW2015 is not only a great opportunity to showcase what’s going on in my area, it also marks the one year anniversary of ‘Employability What?’.  What a year it’s been too!  I’ve had a great response to the book from all walks of life and the comments I’ve received really have been appreciated.

Along this journey there’s been so many mini milestones, each little thing making me realise I’ve done something that has made a mark: the first order of books for a full class; the first books sold in the US; receiving a photo from the local library of a young person reading ‘Employability What?’; the list goes on.

I’ve said it many times before though, selling large quantities is not what it’s all about for me.  The tweets to say the book has helped is why I put pen to paper.  The thank you notes because someone followed the interview advice and totally aced it are why I put my passion into words.  The spark of realisation when a young person realises they are employable – that’s why I do what I do.

So what’s next then?  Well, once NCW2015 is over and I get the chance to take a breather, I’ll be working on getting the ebook version ‘Employability What?’ completed then who knows, I just might start thinking about the next book!

Ann x