A great success

It always brings a lump to my throat when I receive a message or am tagged in a post with someone talking about an employability success but there have been some that have really hit me.  One of those is a wonderful young man, Luke.

I’ve known Luke since he was tiny and babysat for him and his older sister for many years.  He won’t mind me saying that he’s been through some twists and turns but he has an amazing family and support network around him who’ve picked him up and have also given him the odd kick up the backside when necessary.

I’d already done some work with Luke’s sister and having supported her to develop her CV and got her in the zone for an interview, she’s grown and developed in a role she’s perfectly suited to.   

When I got the call to see if I could do anything to help Luke out, the answer was a definite yes.  He read “Employability What?” and we talked through his skills, his experience in a number of temporary and short term roles and looked at how his CV could highlight the wealth of employability skills he’d developed.  Luke had a lot of experience in admin and a keen interest in ICT so we discussed careers and the routes in which led him to look at an apprenticeship.  

To cut a long story short, short by a year to be precise, Luke did get an apprenticeship but not one that he’d imagined or even knew existed thanks to poor careers education, information, advice and guidance (best not to get me started on that right now).  A year later, here’s the photo that greeted me and I couldn’t be prouder of this amazing young man…

  Finally after 20 years I have a full time job!  I’ve been through a lot of jobs in my time but I’ve never loved my job and the people I work with more than this.  It’s been a tough year to prove my worth but I tried and succeeded!  Thank you to my family who have stuck with me through this journey, it’s been a tough road to this point but it’s finally all coming together.

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