What does Brexit mean for young people?

Just to be clear, I don’t have the answer and I’m convinced that’s because the answer is ours to decide.

IF today’s decision to leave the EU means a period of economic instability, IF it means we see changes in the make-up of our workforce and the skills we export, IF we see differences in where and how we trade, IF, IF, IF.  Let’s face it, at the moment all we have are a lot of ‘IF’ questions to which no-one really has the answers.

What I can see at this stage is this: it’s now more important than ever for our young people and for the generations that comes next, to be fully prepared to take their place in the workforce, armed with the employability skills and careers education, information, advice and guidance they need.  For some this may mean maximising entrepreneurial opportunities and finding solutions to problems.  For some, it will mean going into employment.  For some, it may mean joining the growing social enterprise sector or something different entirely.  Whichever way, our young people are going to be play a key part in moving this country forward.

As parents, as educators, as individuals and as employers there are sure to be uncertain times ahead but surely it’s time to pull together in whatever ways we can to ensure our young people are best prepared for what their future holds.


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